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Glass, Fossils, Wood & More

We also offer a wide variety of one of a kind pieces of artwork in these areas.


We carry glass marbles blown by Kevin O'Grady, Filip Vogelpohl, Raj Kommineni and other renowned artists. These stunning one of a kind pieces make excellent gifts or paperweights. The vortex style of marble is particularly remarkable, with an incredible built in optical illusion. We can send you photos of the pieces currently available if you contact us via email, you can also let us know if you've seen something special in the store or via social media that you just can't live without.

We also carry fossils including ammonite specimens from around the world. We have specimens from the US, Germany, Madagascar, Morocco and more. Our gallery also has excellent contacts throughout the fossil and mineral specimen community. Please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with, we are always happy to work with our customers to find the perfect piece.

Additionally, our store has mineral specimens from all over the world representing unique and gorgeous forms of natural art. These include, rhodochrosite, fluorite, printstone, Calcite, amethyst, quartz, agates, labradorite, jade, petrified wood, Onyx and many more.

We carry hand made wood products from a wide range of materials such as Juniper Lamps, cottonwood vases, petrified wood tables, and Thyine wood boxes. Our Juniper lamps are locally made and sourced. We pair them with rawhide and handmade paper shades along with bronze finials for truly special pieces. We have a variety of unique hand-turned wooden vases and bowls crafted out of locally sourced wood and paired with stunning turquoise inlay. We have petrified wood tables available from small end tables to full size desks and dining tables. We handcraft modern metal bases, and rustic juniper stands for each piece's unique needs and will always work with you to build the perfect combination.

Additionally, our store carries hides, skulls, and a variety of other one off pieces that we find gorgeous. We are always happy to help you find something you saw in our store, and are happy to correspond via email or whatever form of communication best suits your schedule.

If you would like more information on any of these unique forms of art please contact us at hq@onyxandantler.com. Some of our items are available in quantity to wholesale clients, please contact us for specifics.