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Our knives are all hand-made one of a kind pieces. We try to tie together local materials and craftsmen with world class quality. The result are pieces which can stand the test of time while faithfully serving as functional art pieces. Our work is ready to become a part of family meals, hunting trips, and fireside chats for decades to come. Each piece has its own special story and we are always willing to provide more information about what makes these truly special piece so unique. The craftsmen who make our pieces have decades of experience hand crafting the perfect knives. Here is a little about a few of them,


John Bickner Jr. has been working with elk antler for decades and matching together custom antler handles with high quality English blades was a natural fit. All of our in-house cutlery and knives feature high quality Sheffield stainless steel, renowned for centuries for its strength and durability. Our elk antler handles come primarily from the National Elk Refuge and offer a unique connection to the region for visitors and locals alike. These are heirloom pieces and ones produced decades ago are still in faithful service to their satisfied owners. Our steak knife sets make excellent Christmas and wedding presents and we have handmade wood gift boxes available with inserts to protect cherished memories for generations. These are also popular for corporate retreats and other memorable business activities. We are always willing to work with customers to select the perfect cutlery. Please do not hesitate to give us a call so that we can help you with your unique needs.

Gerome Weinand sold his first knife in 1982. He crafted the blade out of a chainsaw bar and gave it a micarta handle assembled from scraps. From that day on Gerome was a knife maker. Born and raised in North Dakota, Gerome moved to the Yellowstone area in 1955 after coming home from the Korean War. His beautiful knives use many unique materials. He makes hunting knives using D2 Steel, Carbon Damascus and Stainless Damascus. His cutlery and filet knives feature Swedish steel perfect for the rigors of the kitchen. We source handle materials for him as diverse as mammoth, sheep horn, and dinosaur bones.

Our obsidian knives are handcrafted using techniques pioneered centuries ago by Native Americans. The blades start out as a chunk of obsidian three times the length of the finished product. This obsidian is locally sourced from former lava floes from the Yellowstone Super-volcano. Native American's sourced their material primarily from the famous Obsidian Cliffs, inside the boundaries of the present day national park. It is said famous local mountain man and explorer John Colter once mistakenly fired a shot at the reflection of an elk in the cliff face so pure is the deposit of obsidian. After sourcing the best available obsidian each blade is paired with a hand crafted antler or bone handle. These handles are either painted or carved to create extraordinary art pieces or left unfinished to allow use in the field by those who prefer the traditional techniques. The piece is then finished with a sinew wrap marrying the blade and handle materials. Sinew is muscle fiber taken often from deer, and turned into a strong rope like substance by a complicated process invented by the Native Americans. The result is a beautiful piece that remains functional while hearkening back to techniques from a bygone era.

We are working to add knives from the collections of other amazing and talented makers that we already carry in our retail location. These are available today by special order, do not hesitate to contact us with questions. Please check back online periodically for more information and beautiful knifes!

Our collection and capabilities extend far beyond what is displayed online and we are always willing to take custom orders as well. Please contact us with any questions.

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